About Joe

In Joe's own words

I am a man seeking to live intentionally and do work that is in alignment with my values and with my goal: to help empower others to improve their health, reverse chronic disease, and take control over their lives. I intend to further focus my software engineering skills towards that goal.

Why I Care About Holistic Health

I wasn't always focused on holistic health. In fact, I didn't have any interest or particular knowledge about it until 2017. In 2017, through podcasts and social media, I began learning that many people were overcoming chronic diseases. Ones I'd always been led to believe were genetic; diseases that you just had to live with ("There's nothing you can do about it"). Diet played a HUGE role. After digging further into this information, I kept looking for the "catch". Meanwhile, I started applying some of the changes I was learning about to my own diet and my own life. Even though I didn't consider myself unhealthy before, I still was able to apply changes that made a remarkably positive impact on my digestive health, my skin, and my overall energy levels. (My path was via a low-carbohydrate, beef-dominant diet; a few details of my story are available here.)

I felt incredibly fortunate to have stumbled onto this information, but I wanted everyone to have it. The concepts which could help so many people just seemed "hidden in plain sight". I wanted to shout about this from the rooftops. My initial way of doing that was by talking about it with some friends and posting on social media (mostly my now-defunct Twitter account). I started a blog to write about what I was learning: Joe Health Blog. I built a website focused on categorizing real-world cases of disease reversal: DiseaseReversals.com. I started a Keto Meetup group to try to make real-world local contacts. I've joined a local health group chapter (WAPF) and developed an Online Holistic Resource Directory to help out our members. And finally, I hosted and produced a podcast called You Cured What?! to feature real people's inspirational stories of overcoming disease and achieving more abundant health.

The power of the human body to adapt and to heal is remarkable; I believe men and women are much more powerful and much more capable than we are typically led to believe. I desire to spread that message to others in my personal life, in my "side project" time, and in my vocation. I look forward to a time in the near future when I will be earning a living as an engineer developing software not just for any generic corporate goal, but for a health-, life-, and spirit-building mission.

My Experience

To see more about my experience as a software engineer, both in the "holistic health" and in the "corporate" worlds, check out the Experience page.